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How much does it cost to start a Trampoline park?


Do you want to open a Trampoline park and would like to know what is waiting for you? One of the main questions is, how much does a Trampoline park cost, and what kind of investment does it require? 

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What will you find in this eBook?


In our e-Book, you will get all insights into:

  • the costs of the location, hall and basic infrastructure, 
  • the cost of trampoline equipment, 
  • the park opening costs
  • the marketing and  promotion costs,
  • the cost of insuring the Trampoline park.

In other words, for you, we gathered all the numbers about the necessary costs for opening a Trampoline park.

Knowing the numbers enables you to plan and estimate the cost of the entire investment 

If you have decided to set up a trampoline park, you must know that the costs of the trampoline park are mostly linked to the construction of the hall and all the necessary infrastructure. 

The cost of the trampoline equipment is several times smaller than the whole investment and depends on various different factors.

Having precise knowledge of them enables you to plan and estimate the cost of the entire investment more easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does it pays off to invest in Trampoline parks?

Opening a trampoline park can be quite expensive, but with a well - thought-out business plan quickly will become profitable, which means it is worth the investment! Profit can be influenced by many factors, including security aspects, park location, budgets, etc., but the parks' incomes remain large.



One of the recent parks from California shows an annual profit of over $780,000, and some other large trampoline parks - of over a million. Starting and maintaining a trampoline park requires perseverance and patience, but on average, investments will start returning after 8-12 months.

Can I rent an existing hall for my Trampoline park?

Before starting to build a Trampoline park, it makes sense to check if the location you are interested in has a ready-made building that is suitable for a Trampoline park and is also available for rent. However, please take into account the existing hall may not meet all demands for Trampoline parks, which means that you will have to carry out the procedure for changing the intended use of the building and carry out construction interventions and necessary repairs.

Is this e-Book really free?


With over 16 years of experience and working with hundreds of clientswe receive and publish all the latest information that will help you on the whole way of the Trampoline park businessDownload our bookand visit our website to get more information about the business!

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